Sunday, September 24, 2017

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Current News

The Medicinal Purpose

Rock is alive, but it's not well...and in desperate need of some healing. The Medicinal Purpose brings together three of New Jersey's favorite sons on a mission to cure the masses with their raw...

Local Honey CD For Sale Online

   Local Honey is here for you to purchase solo or as a download at our shop! Great Western Mass Music Sampler: The Medicinal Purpose, Brotherhood Of Thieves, Full Spectrum Dominance, Fat Bradley, LuxDeluxe, Mammal Dap, Tidwell's...

Smack My Bishop

  How else does one explain a Smack My Bishop show? Well there have been many that I attended over the years... They had a long standing Tuesday Night at Bishops Lounge Northampton for several...

Problem with Dragons

Western Massachusetts problems. My brakes are shot and every light is red. I need to cash a check and all the banks are closed. The cops are tailgating me, my ex keeps calling, am...


    Melodic power metal is something of a rare treat for heavy metal fans in the Western Mass area. The heavy metal genre out here is mostly populated by a litany of thrash and classic...

Full Spectrum Dominance

Full Spectrum Dominance Full Spectrum Dominance is a powerhouse duo that specializes in soul, hip hop, & dance music. Known for their relentless hypnotic beats & soulful improvisation, FSD will bring a dynamic and full...